The Program of the 12th International Congress will consist of oral and poster presentations of accepted abstracts, invited Symposia, and volunteer Task Forces.

Owen Cole Memorial Scholarship

Owen Cole Memorial Scholarship Dr. Owen Cole was a much loved and admired Plastic Surgeon who chaired the scientific committee of the 7th International Congress in Broadbeach, Australia, in 1993. His tragic death shortly before the Congress touched many in the international community and at the 8th International Congress in Singapore, the Owen Cole Memorial Scholarship was established and first awarded in his honor.

Now awarded at each International Congress, and funded by the Australasian Cleft Lip and Palate Association's Education Fund, the Scholarship is an important award for young professionals involved in the management of cleft lip and palate and craniofacial anomalies.

This award represents an opportunity to remember our friends and colleagues who have given so much to cleft and craniofacial care in the past, but also allows us to look to the future and reward one of the international community's promising young investigators.

The Owen Cole Memorial Scholarship is presented to the best Junior Investigator presentation at the Congress, as judged by the Junior Investigator committee. The award consists of:

  1. Reimbursement of Congress Registration
  2. Reimbursement of Economy Class Airfare to the Congress
  3. $2500 USA (converted to winner's native currency)
  4. Engraved Tray (plate)
The Owen Cole Memorial Scholarship is awarded in the General Assembly on the last day of the Congress.


Announcement of Symposia Planned for the 12th International Congress on Cleft Lip/Palate and Related Craniofacial Anomalies
The Congress will feature a symposia series highlighting the progress and challenges in cleft and craniofacial care. These topics are listed below.

Symposium I: Two decades of distraction osteogenesis: What have we learned?
Goal: To understand the refinements in distraction osteogenesis since its inception and the associated risks and benefits.

Symposium II: Innovations and new protocols in distraction osteogenesis: An improvement?
Goal: To critically evaluate current modifications of distraction osteogenesis

Symposium III: Nasoalveolar Molding: Is the burden of care concept valid?
Goal: To understand the basic principles of nasoalveolar molding and its potential benefits for nasolabial esthetics.

Symposium IV: Pediatrics: Below the neck basics for the craniofacial team.
Goal: To understand the pediatrician’s role in the assessment and care of the child with a cleft/craniofacial condition over the developmental continuum.

Symposium V: Developing Countries: Part I- Speech Pathology, a voice for the future.
 Goal: To understand the challenges and mechanisms for provision of speech pathology services within an interdisciplinary team care model in developing countries.

Symposium VI: Developing Countries: Part II- Surgery, a face for the future.
Goal: To understand the challenges and mechanisms for provision of surgical services within an interdisciplinary team care model in developing countries.

Symposium VII: Developing Countries: Part III- Orthodontics and Dentistry, a smile for the future
Goal: To understand the challenges and mechanisms for provision of dental/orthodontic care within an interdisciplinary team care model in developing countries.

Symposium VIII: Research Priorities: Part I- Clinical outcomes “yes”… best practices?
Goal: To understand the scientific basis for clinical protocols, outcomes and the strength of evidence required for establishing best practices.

Symposium IX: Research Priorities: Part II- Genetics, Ethics and Possibilities.
Goal: To emphasize the need for genetics in cleft/craniofacial care and ethical considerations as it relates to treatment.

Symposium X: Global perceptions of the dysmorphic face and psychosocial aspects.
Goal: To understand the perceptual, psychosocial, cultural implications of the dysmorphic face.

Symposium XI: “All I want is a home!” Simplified, unified team care.
Goal: To understand the role of the medical home model in the interdisciplinary care of individuals with cleft and craniofacial conditions.


Task Forces

One feature of the Congress will be reports from five Task Forces derived from the “Objectives” of the Constitution of the International Confederation for Cleft Lip and Palate and Related Craniofacial Anomalies as enumerated in Section 2 of its constitution. Each Task Force will have broad international representation. To facilitate continuation of the Task Forces for the 13th International Congress in India, open luncheon meetings will be held after the Task Force reports for any and all interested persons.

The “Objectives” and respective Task Forces are:

Assisting and encouraging the establishment of internationally agreed standards and methods of assessment and documentation that will permit comparison of results of different methods of treatment worldwide.

1. HOLISTIC OUTCOMES - This Task Force will consist of individuals who have experience with developing and/or validating holistic outcome measures for cleft care. The objective of this Task Force will be to make recommendations for holistic outcome measures for cleft care that are independent of specific culture. Chair: Hillary Broder view roster

2. SPEECH ASSESSMENT - This Task Force will consist of individuals who have experience with developing and/or validating speech assessments, specifically focusing on velopharyngeal function, that are independent of language. The objective of this Task Force will be to continue the development and expand the application of internationally applicable standardized “cleft” speech evaluation. Chair: David Fitzsimons view roster

Facilitating the establishment of multi-center trials and research projects.
3. PALATOPLASTY IN THE SPEAKING INDIVIDUAL WITH UNREPAIRED CLEFT PALATE - This Task Force will consist of surgeons and speech pathologists/therapists who have experience with surgical repair of cleft palate in speaking individuals. The objective of this Task Force will be to define the benefits and limitations of palatoplasty, without or with synchronous velopharyngeal management, in the speaking individual with an unrepaired cleft palate. Chair: Brian Sommerlad view roster

4. SPEECH THERAPY WITHOUT SPEECH THERAPISTS - This Task Force will consist of speech pathologists/therapists who have experience with establishing speech therapy programs for individuals with cleft palate in localities where no, or very few, trained speech pathologists/therapists are present. The objective of this Task Force will be to provide suggestions for development of cleft speech programs where there is an absence or paucity of trained speech pathologists/therapists. Chair: Shankar Rai view roster

5. BEYOND EUROCLEFT - This Task Force will consist of individuals from the European experience with cleft outcome studies (Scancleft, Eurocleft) and those who have initiated, or intend to initiate, similar studies in other geographic areas. The objective of this Task Force will be to make recommendations for initiation of local and/or participation in multi-national cleft outcome studies. Chair: Gunvor Semb view roster

Promotion and encouragement of multidisciplinary education and surgical support in areas of the world where cleft care is not yet comprehensive or universal.


Current Rosters


Al-Johar, Aziza J (Saudi Arabia)
Allori, Alexander (USA)
Bangun, Kristaninta (Indonesia)
Becerra Imitola, Nubia (Colombia)
Bonanthaya, Krishnamurthy (India)
Broder, Hillary (chair) (USA)
David, David (Australia)
Farouk, Adham (Egypt)
Forrest, Christopher R. (Canada)
Goodacre, Tim (UK)
Habel, Alex (UK)
Ma, Lian (China)
Marcusson, Agneta (Sweden)
Mars, Michael (UK)
Reddy, Raigopal (India)
Rumsey, Nichola (UK)
Sudjatmiko, Gentur (Indonesia)
Utreja, Ashok (India)

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Chen, Philip (Taiwan)
Fitzsimons, David A. (chair) (Australia)
Fujiwara, Yuri (Japan)
Hortis-Dzierzbicka, Maria Anna (Poland)
Kimura, Tomoe (Japan)
Kogo, Mikihiko (Japan)
Lohmander, Anette (Sweden)
Neumann, Sandra (Germany)
Sell, Debbie (UK)
Shabab, Saira (India)
Tachimura, Takashi (Japan)
Judith Trost-Cardamone (USA)

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Alonso, Nivaldo (Brazil)
Fisher, David M. (Canada)
Gopalakrishna, Savitha (India)
Leshem, David E. (Israel)
Lo, Lun-Jou (Taiwan)
Lotha, Bona S. (Yemen)
Reddy, Mukunda (India)
Sadhu, Partha (India)
Sell, Debbie (UK)
Sommerlad, Brian C. (chair) (UK)
Wang, Guomin (China)
Wang, Ruby (Taiwan)
Wexler, Andrew (USA)

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Hohlfeld-Hawkins, Judith A. (Switzerland)
Jobe, Andi (USA)
Prathanee, Benjamas (Thailand)
Rai, Shankar (Chair) (Nepal)
Scherer, Nancy (USA)
Subramaniyan, Suraj (India)
Wang, Ruby (Taiwan)
Yun, Claudia (Taiwan)
Zbinden, Chantal (Switzerland)

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Abbas, Shaza (Sudan)
Adeyemi, Abigail (Nigeria)
Akota, Ilze (Latvia)
Al-Khaja, Anwar (Dubai)
Aljohar, Aziza (Saudi-Arabia)
Alonso, Nivaldo (Brazil)
Anastassov, Youri (Bulgaria)
Andersen, Bjørn Terje (Norway)
Andersen, Mikael (Denmark)
Aukner, Ragnhild (Norway)
Bakri, Sherif (Egypt)
Bannister, Trisha (UK)
Basnayake, Sriyani (Sri Lanka)
Bataringaya, Aisha (Uganda)
Batra, Puneet (India)
Becker, Magnus (Sweden)
Bellardie, Haydn (South-Africa, UK)
Berenguer, Beatriz (Spain)
Bermudez, Luis (Colombia)
Billaud Feragen, Kristin (Norway)
Boboc, Lidia (Romania)
Bogh Nielsen, Joan (Denmark)
Bojikova, Kostadinka (Bulgaria)
Bonanthaya, Krishnamurthy (India)
Brusati, Roberto (Italy)
Chapman, Kathy (USA)
Chorbachi, Raouf (UK)
Chowchuen, Bowornsilp (Thailand)
Clarke, Noreen (USA)
Clayton-Smith, Jill (UK)
Coelho, Micheline (Brazil)
Cohen, Marilyn (USA)
Costa da Melo, Edna (Brazil)
Courtemanche, Douglas (Canada)
daCosta, Ranti (Nigeria)
Dahl Jørgensen, Line (Denmark)
Daskalogionnakis, John (Canada)
Davis, Gareth (France)
del Pilar Echeverri, Maria (Colombia)
Do Vale, Dione (Brazil)
Dogan, Servet (Turkey)
Dominguez-Gonzalez, Susana (UK)
Donkor, Peter (Ghana)
Dutka, Jeniffer (Brazil)
Elfving-Little, Ulla (Finland)
Escobedo, Morgot (Peru)
Fayyaz, Ghulam Qadir (Pakistan)
Filip, Charles (Norway)
Fisher, David (Canada)
Fowler, Peter (New Zealand)
Friede, Hans (Sweden)
Fudalej, Piotr (Poland)
Fujiwara, Yuri (Japan)
Fukushiro, Ana Paula (Brazil)
Garattini, Giovanna (Italy)
Garcia, Regine (Brazil)
Ghabrial, Emad (South-Africa)
Gillett, David (Australia)
Gonzalez-Landa, Gonzalo (Spain)
Gonzalez-Meli, Beatriz (Spain)
Gundlach, Karsten (Germany)
Gunesekera, Romesh (Sri Lanka)
Habte, Mesay Gebrehanna (Ethiopia)
Hakelius, Malin (Sweden)
Handayani, Siti (Indonesia)
Hariharan, Savitha (India)
Hashova Nedialka (Bulgaria)
Hathaway, Ron (USA)
Heliovaara, Arja (Finland)
Herzog, Georges (Switzerland)
Hjertman, Helene (Sweden)
Huang, Daniel C. Shing (Taiwan)
Hudson, Nichola (UK)
Jagomagi, Triin (Estonia)
Jonsson, Anette (Sweden)
Jury, Silvia (Argentina)
Karsten, Agneta (Sweden)
Karunathilleke, Tharushie (Sri Lanka)
Katsaros, Christos (Switzerland)
Kazakova, Maria (Bulgaria)
Kayikci, Mavis (Turkey)
Kerameddin, Sharareh (Iran)
Kharbanda, Omprakash (India)
Khondoker, Sazzad (Bangladesh)
Kilpatrick, Nicky (Australia)
Kirschner, Richard (USA)
Klimova, Irena (Slovakia)
Kogo, Mikihiko (Japan)
Koselj, Vesna (Slovenia)
Kuijpers-Jagtman, Anne-Marie (The Netherlands)
Kyseler, Annelise (Denmark)
Latter, Karine (UK)
Lilja, Jan (Sweden)
Lindberg, Nina (Norway)
Lohmander, Anette (Sweden)
Long, Ross (USA)
Loven, Jens-Øyvind (Norway)
Ma, Lian (China)
Marchino, Margarita (Peru)
Marcusson, Agneta (Sweden)
Hans Mark (Sweden)
Martinez, Concha (Spain)
Matic, Damir (Canada)
Maulina, Inese (Latvia)
Mehendale, Felicity (UK)
Mercado, Ana (USA)
Moghe-Ghadyalpatil, Gayatri (India)
Mølsted, Kirsten (Denmark)
Mooney, Jeanette (UK)
Morovic, Carmen Gloria (Chile)
Mossey, Peter (UK)
Murthy, Jyotsna (India)
Neuman, Sandra (Germany)
Newman-Nartey, Merley (Ghana)
Ngom, Papa Ibrahima (Senegal)
Nyberg, Jill (Sweden)
Oberoi, Sneha (USA)
Okada Ozawa, Terumi (Brazil)
Öğüt, Fathi (Turkey)
Ongkosuwito, Edwin (The Netherlands)
Oravkinova, Zuzana (Slovakia)
Paganini, Anna (Sweden)
Painter, Gill (UK)
Pedersen, Nina-Helen (Norway)
Pellerin, Philippe (France)
Pereira, Rui (Brazil)
Pereira, Valerie (China)
Pergoraro-Krook, Maria Ines (Brazil)
Persson, Christina (Sweden)
Persson, Martin (UK)
Piazentin Penna, Silvia (Brazil)
Pinto, Joao (Brazil)
Prada, Rolando (Colombia)
Rautio, Jorma (Finland)
Rizell, Sara (Sweden)
Rocha, Diogenes (Brazil)
Rumsey, Nichola (UK)
Russel, Kathy (USA)
Sæle, Paul (Norway)
Samson, Thomas (USA)
Sandy, Jonathan (UK)
Schachner, Peter (Austria)
Scherer, Nancy (USA)
Sell, Debbie (UK)
Semb, Gunvor (chair) (Norway/UK)
Shaw, Bill (UK)
Siqueira, Niedje (Brazil)
Smedegaard, Lisa (Denmark)
Souza, Telma (Brazil)
Spataru, Radu (Romania)
Susami, Takafumi (Japan)
Sweeney, Triona (Ireland)
Tansipek, Bernard (The Phillipines)
Thompson, John (New Zealand)
Tosun, Zekeriya (Turkey)
Trindade, Inge (Brazil)
Uvemark, Annika (Sweden)
Uzel, Aslihan Azakil (Turkey)
Velez, Juanita (Colombia)
Vindenes, Hallvard (Norway)
Vrtiskova, Jitka (Czeck Republic)
Wahyuni, Luh K (Indonesia)
Willadsen, Elisabeth (Denmark)
Yamashita, Renata (Brazil)
Yeow, Vincent (Singapore)
Zaleckas, Linas (Lithuania)

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